Who can make referrals or appointments

Almost anyone can. We often get referral from patients themselves, family members, care workers and nursing staff, doctors and specialists as well as general and specialist dentists.
We accept referral for a range of treatment options:
1. Referral for specifically prescribed treatments
2. Shared care arangements
3. Referral for ongoing care
4. Coordinate multidisciplinary care for the full range of complex restorative, periodontal and surgical care with our team of specialists at Hermitage Dental.

What makes Specialcaredentist.ie special?

We provide a full range of services including:
1. General anaesthetic
2. Behaviour management and Hypnotherapy
3. Conscious sedation using relative anaelgesia (Nitrous Oxide)
4. Conscious Sedation using Oral / IV sedation
5. Fully accessible, groung floor dental surgery with options for hoisting etc.

Specialist treatment for people with:

Dental anxiety and phobia
Mental health conditions
Developmental and intellectual disability
Autism / ADHD
Non solid tumours/ metastatic disease
Head and neck cancer
Liver and kidney disease
Bleeding disorders
Other complex medical conditions
Neurological conditions like dementia
Parkinsons, movement disorders and brain injury
People taking medications affecting their oral care