Accessible Dental Surgery in Dublin

All people have a right to equal access and I see it as my mission to lower the threshold for my patients to access dental care.

Physical access

I provide a service that is designed to maximise physical access. At the Hermitage Dental Clinic all services are provided on the ground floor. The layout conforms with Building Regulations (Part M) and is designed to be accessible.

Wheel chair Friendly Dental Care

If you use a wheelchair, we can accommodate you. We regularly use hoists with our patients. You can bring your own sling, or we can use ours too.

Tumle Cushions

Hermitage Dental Clinic Lucan, Dublin

I use a hi-tec system of clinical grade cushions to turn the dental chair into a dental sofa. This can provide the extra little support to help you relax or provide support for people with scoliosis, kyphosis and physical impairments

Accessible Oral Hygiene Aides

We should all have the ability to care for ourselves. I recommend and provide the widest range of custom toothbrushes and oral hygiene aides to enable my patients to care for themselves. For some advice on toothbrushes see my tips for carers here.