Dentistry for People with Autism

Dentistry and people with Autism

Your first appointment at the Hermitage

Your first visit to the dentist is easy if we plan this together. This page lets you know what to expect from your visit with me at the Hermitage. It will help you plan your visit too.

Before your visit

  • Practice sitting with your hands on your belly
  • Practice opening wide using a plastic spoon like a dentists’ mirror
  • Use pictures or photos beforehand ( we can email photos too or copy them from our website )
  • Ask Laura if you can visit the surgery before the main appointment (If you want acclimatisation)
  • Tell us about what you like and dislike.. This can be done by phone, email or filling out a form.
You can download a form here and bring it with you to your first appointment.

At your visit you can:

  1. Bring someone who knows about you and your history.
  2. Bring a favourite toy or book.
  3. Take photos of the surgery and the dentists (just ask first).

You can visit me in the Hermitage Clinic

You can park in the Carpark and enter the front door

The receptionist will meet you when you arrive in Suite 10

Kev and Laura will call you in to the surgery

Kev and LauraKev and Laura in the surgery

In the Surgery we can:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Look at your teeth
  3. Take pictures and X rays of your teeth
  4. Clean your teeth or do other work at this appointment if you want.
  5. Show you how to clean your teeth
  6. Make a plan for your teeth

If there is anything you want to talk about with us before the visit you can call Laura on 016459555 or email

We look forward to meeting you soon

Kev and Laura

9 comments on “Dentistry for People with Autism
  1. Marianne Collins says:


    I am looking for a dentist for my 5 year old daughter.
    She has ASD and sensory processing disorder.
    I don’t know where to start with finding a dentist for her (she has a cavity in three of her molars).
    I can’t see her tolerating a dentist doing work on her teeth.
    We have tried our own dentist many times and he has barely been able to look in her mouth.
    Have you much experience with young children with ASD or do you just take on older patients?

    Many thanks,
    Marianne Collins

  2. Mary says:

    Have a 4 year old boy with severe autism and slow processing. He had no cavities and doesn’t need any work done, as far as I’m aware of. I would be delighted if ye could look at his teeth while he still has good teeth so he will have a positive first visit to the dentist. I don’t care if the visit only lasts 10 seconds, all I want him to have is a positive first experience. I will pay you the full price of a check up even if he doesn’t even open his mouth. I will practice at him with him sitting in a chair and opening his mouth for me but if it doesn’t happen on the day, it doesn’t happen.

    • admin says:

      Hey, sorry for the delay. I would love to help you. I love your attitude. I am sure that it will serve you and your son well along the journey. Please call 016459555 for an appointment. Ask for an acclimatization 10 minute visit just to me and we can take it from there – Kev

  3. carina byrne says:


    My son is 18 years old. He has a diagnosis of DCD and SPD. He recently attended his usual dentist but this time (1st time) he was told he would need a filling possibly two. He had a breakdown in the car with me afterwards as he cannot tolerate the thought of a foreign material in his mouth permanently. He obviously needs this treatment done, but I don’t want to put him under any additional stress as he is sitting his leaving Cert this year. Can you advise if your clinic could facilitate him in any way? Thank you so much

  4. Emmi Kus says:


    I am looking for a dentist for my 5-year-old son.
    He has ASD/sensory processing disorder.
    We are trying to find a dentist for him urgently as there is tooth decay in between 2 of his back teeth.

    We brush his teeth 2-3x a day since his 2 years old but with children’s toothpaste, trying to delay a visit to the dentist as much as we can as we do not see him actually sitting down and letting someone look at his teeth let alone treat it!

    We do not allow him to eat sugary things, but he does eat a lot of fruits and after spotting the black stain in between his teeth I started to research the toothpaste we use just to find out the amount of fluoride in it it’s not enough to clean and protect his teeth at all and the sugar in the fruits he eats would be enough to damage his teeth.

    Do you accept young children with ASD or do you just take on older patients? We are using Oral-b for adults on him for now until we find a dentist that would take him, is it the right thing to do?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hey thanks for the mail. It sounds like you need to see a paediatric dentist as they will be more skilled in fixed by these baby teeth – I expect you will need a referral from a dentist first. Practice with him playing going to the dentist at home first – there are apps to deal belowdecks too – the dentist will advise blob the best toothpaste – what you are doing is fine. You could also look at HSBC clinic for help too – best of luck

  5. Yvonne McHugh says:

    Hi my 11 year old will need braces. As his teeth are appearing to have over bite and prominent. He has never attended a dentist and is very anxious. He has asd. What are his options for orthodontics who treat asd kids. Thanking you in advance.

    • admin says:

      Hi Yvonne, I am not sure. He may not allow an orthodontist to do this. It would be good to see if he meets public braces criteria in your local hse dentist. I would start there. If they do not progress, there is a great inclusive orthodontist called Finn Geoghegan. He is really interested in helping people in your situation. However, dentist first, braces later! Get the ball rolling now. Good luck, kev

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