Participant Information and Consent form for study into behaviour management techniques

Do you support older adults with intellectual disabilities to receive dental care in Ireland?


Well then, we want you!


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Participant Information

Title of study: Non-pharmacological behavioural support for adults with intellectual disabilities

Where: Online (link to be provided following enrollment)

Time: 1 hour

When: 2-4 weeks time (Time to be agreed with participants ).

1. Introduction: It is recognized that adults with intellectual disabilities should be treated in the least restrictive manner. That means that patients should receive dental treatment in a manner, which is proportionate and reasonable. Non-pharmacological approaches can be used to reduce reliance, of both dentist and patient, on physical and pharmacological behavioral support techniques. Therefore a deeper understanding of how and why non-pharmacological approaches are selected and applied can reduce our reliance on more restrictive behavior management techniques and reduce restrictions placed upon this vulnerable group.

2. Procedures: This study involves a focus group of experts who have experience applying non-pharmacological behavioral supports to adults with intellectual disabilities. Participants will have experience in treating adults with intellectual disabilities to be eligible to participate. This will be audio taped. Subsequently, the audio will be destroyed and transcripts will be retained for analysis. We will protect this data to ensure anonymity and confidentiality, according to ethical standards.

3. Benefits: This project will develop understanding of how and why non-pharmacological behavior management techniques are applied among dentists who treat adults with intellectual disabilities in Ireland. It is hoped that this will help reduce reliance on pharmacological and physical supports.

4. Risks: There are no risks involved in this project, but we do request about an hour of your time.

5. Exclusion from participation: Only dental professionals who have experience of behavior management techniques with adults with intellectual disabilities are sought for this study.

6.     Confidentiality:

Your identity will remain confidential. Your name will not be published and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the hospital.

7. Compensation:

Researchers are covered by standard medical malpractice insurance. Nothing in this document restricts or curtails your rights.

8.. Voluntary Participation: You volunteer to participate in this study. You may quit at any time. If you decide not to participate, or if you quit, you will not be penalised and will not give up any benefits, which you had before entering the study.

9. Stopping the study: You understand that the researchers may stop your participation in the study at any time without your consent.

10. Permission: This study has received ethical approval from the School of Dental Science Research Ethics Committee.

11. Further information: You can get more information or answers to your questions about the study, your participation in the study, and your rights, from Dr Caoimhin Mac Giolla Phadraig who can be telephoned at or 016127337. If the researchers learn of important new information that might affect your desire to remain in the study, he or she will tell you.



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